” Your majesty, Derek, adviser to king Shaka, king of the Shebians, is here to see you. He brought words from the emperor. ” A guard said.

” Let him in ”. King Hele said without hesitation. ” Take him to court room, give him some refreshments, he most be tired after making such a long trip. I will be there shortly. ”

” Yes, your majesty. ” The guard made a slight bow before walking out of the Kings chamber.

” Milord! ” A soft voice spoke.

” Yes milady! ” Turning around, his eyes met with hers. ” You
e looking exceptionally beautiful today, milady. Those pearls on your neck suit you perfectly. Indeed, Im blessed to have you by my side. May the gods be praised. ” He walked closer to her, wrapping his hands around her waist.

” Milady looks troubled. whats wrong? ” He pulled some strings of her hair behind her ear.

” Milord, I over heard your conversation with the guard. King Shaka, sent his adviser here, what does he want from us? ”

” You don have to be afraid, milady. Im sure he is here to deliver a message from his King. He can harm me in my own territory. Cheer up, my love. Such gloomy face does not suit you, milady. ”

” You can blame me for worrying, for a long time, the forest tribe lived as aliens , forsaken by our brothers. And today, after so many years, The Sheba king, sent words? I have a bad feeling about this. milord, whatever he has to say, don pay heed to them. ”

” You worry too much, its not good for your condition. Remember you
e pregnant, you might harm your self and our baby. ” He moved his hand, rubbing her swollen tommy. ” We have prayed for a child for a long time, and finally, the gods has answered our prayer. You should pay more attention to our son. Don worry about me, I can take good care of myself. ”

He cupped her cheeks with his hands, then he kissed her forehead. ” I have to go now, Hazel. its rude to keep your guest waiting. ” He turned around and left.

” Spirit of our ansestor, please guide us, shield us from every evil. ” She prayed. Her hands rubbing her tummy.

” Greetings! your majesty. ” Derek made a slight bow.

” Greetings to you too, Derek. I hope you enjoyed the meal. ”

” Oh, I did your majesty. It was one of the best meals Ive tasted in a while. ”

” Im glad you liked it. One of my men informed me that you have a message for me, from your King. ”

” Yes your majesty. Milord, King Shaka requested that you join him for dinner tonight. He would be pleased if you can honour his invitation. ”

” Tonight? I would have loved to, but Im afraid I won be able to make it tonight. Send my regrets to your King, I promise to visit him some other time. ”

” Milord will be very sad, he looks forward to you joining him for dinner tonight, he asked me to give you these gifts. ” Derek waved his hand in the air, ushering his servants to bring the gifts.

Golds, expensive clothes and pearls, foodstuffs and some cattles.

” Milord wants you to have them. I can return back to my Master if I don bring you along. please, I hope his majesty can reconsider. I will stay here until you
e ready to go back with me. ”

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