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Chapter 4: Newborn

A stream of sunlight filtered into the room and right into her face, bringing Hanna – or rather, Irene – to wake up with a start. A few days passed since her supposed irth, and there had been unfamiliar maids all over her the whole time.

Of her family, she had only seen her mother during that time, taking naps in her arms or being fed, which took a while of getting used to. This situation was far too confusing, but after all the time she spent here, living as a newborn baby, she knew this wasn a dream. Being in the body of a tiny child with an undeveloped system, was certainly inconvenient.

Hanna had somehow, as though by miracle, been reborn into the world of the story she was writing during her dying breath. But instead of the main character, who she created to mirror her real self, Hanna had become the daughter of a war-crazed duke, as well as a character who was notorious for her obsession over the Crown Prince.

In Hannas story, Irene was someone who tried to manipulate one of the princes, Mikael, in order to have Isabella and Daniel split up. She used Mikaels jealousy toward his brother, as well as his love for Isabella to her advantage — and deceived him in attempt to assassinate the female lead. To put it simply, she was a calculative serpent.

However, Mikael and Daniel both came to realise her schemes, and she was soon brutally mutilated by Daniel during her attempt to kill Isabella, before any harm could come to the female lead. This was the only time in the novel the two men actually worked together to put an end to someone. Although, in the end, it was Daniel who Isabella loved, leaving Mikael in despair and fury.

Mikael later resorted to taking his own life, after failing to murder Daniel with his own hands. In the end, there was no one who mourned the second Prince – hated by the empire he was born into since his first breath. Only Isabella would feel remorse toward this loss.

(Irene was just made for the plot to get interesting… I never imagined Id end up becoming her!)

(What if my fate is to die in the same way she did…?)

Outside, the winter sky was blanketed by clouds, as tiny snowflakes descended slowly like dancing sequins to the ground.

As of now, Irene Cherliann was still a newborn baby, and the events of the story Hanna had written, were yet to take place. So if she lived her life sensibly instead of being a witch-like villainess like the original Irene, wouldn that mean there would be no reason for the male lead to kill her in the first place?

If she could exist as a character in the background, that would be fine too. Her new life was one of luxury, she had many opportunities and the privilege to do whatever she wanted. Perhaps she could even befriend the characters rather than scheme against them. Of course, whilst ensuring she remained safe.

(Im the author of this story. I know everything that happens, all the hidden secrets that will come to reveal themselves later…)

(I have an advantage in this world.)

Hanna sighed. Regardless of her fate, there was a long time until the main story would actually begin. After all, she was nothing but a newborn right now. She realised that instead of thinking and worrying too much, she should wait out the days and try to grow quickly. After deciding on this, Hanna tried to recall every little detail of the story she had written.

The empire she was born into was called Laydel – a vast and prosperous country, currently operating with an empty throne lying in waiting for the next successor. After the late Emperor – Theodore Jeramius Laydel – was killed alongside the empress and his mistress of a lower queen, the palace walls were closed and the nation fell into turmoil. Political unrest was likely brewing amongst the people who demanded a leading figure, and there were also tensions with neighbouring kingdoms who sought the nations power.

All of the problems arising after Theodores death, were caused by his lover – an evil woman said to have manipulated the young emperor.

Giselle, a promiscuous woman who started off as his concubine – originally a lowly prostitute rejected by the aristocracy. She was young and beautiful, like a vixen who had manipulated the sovereign into marrying her. With cascading golden hair and green eyes like emeralds, no man could turn away from the beauty of this woman.

Meanwhile, the true Empress – Yestala Atlan – was one favoured by the kingdom and known for her concern for the people. After all, she was a queen of noble birth and had been betrothed to Theodore since they were children. Not only was she a child of the prosperous Atlan family – but her mother was the fourth princess of a foreign nation. A kind and beloved ruler to her people, both the aristocracy and common folk adored her.

But inevitably, it was the Emperors choice to bring in a lover, considering the laws allowed for him to have multiple spouses. No one could argue against the decisions he made, not even the empress herself.

Despite his neglectful attitude to loyalty, the emperor did still value his empress and gave her as much attention as he did his lover. And in the end, both of his wives had become vessels for two children – the soon-to-be heirs to the throne.

And those were the two princes, Daniel and Mikael.

Daniel, the elder prince who had the most support from the nobles, was born from the empress Yestala. From the day of his birth, he became favoured by the aristocrats. Not only was he a royal, but his mothers maiden family – the Atlan Duchy – were the most powerful after the imperial family.

Meanwhile, the younger prince, Mikael was rejected as a legitimate royal, despite the fact that his mother was favoured by the ruler of the country. His birth from a lowly concubine hated by society, made him a child who would come to never received love or attention. Especially after his mother supposedly killed both the Emperor and Empress.

Soon after the births of the two princes, the concubine – Giselle, poisoned the Emperor and Empress, before ending her own life. At least, this is what was suggested. Hanna herself hadn developed this part of the story very much – since it was just to set up the rest of the novel.

One thing was for sure – if she really did enter the world of her imagination, then it was likely the other characters existed too. The only heirs to Laydels throne were concurrently alive as infants. However, because they were mere infants, they couldn exactly take charge of the kingdom yet.

Until the day came that they would, the emperors most trusted vassals — the four dukes of Laydel — decided to step up and ensure the kingdoms safety, until the princes were of age and could reclaim the throne. With Emperor Theodores work being distributed between those left in charge, the nation managed to keep itself on track despite the great losses it had faced without a ruler.

Over the years, the two princes were to be raised together in hiding, with maids hired by Duke Atlan, until they turned nine. Then, each prince would be sent to live with one of the four dukes.

Daniel, the elder prince, was originally taken under the care of the first duke and his biological uncle – Lord Atlan. The Atlan household was, by far, the most powerful in the kingdom after the royal family – as well as his mothers maiden family. They not only believed that Daniel was to be crowned emperor, but they also rejected the second prince who was born from a manipulative prostitute.

Mikael was sent to live with none other than the Cherlianns: the second-most powerful ducal house in Laydel. Although he was not favoured by the aristocracy, he was still a prince, and could not be abandoned. After all, the blood of the emperor still flowed through his veins – not to mention, he was the spitting image of his father.

However, the Cherlianns themselves treated Mikael no different from the rest of the nation – as a lowly illegitimate child who was nothing but a burden.

His royal status meant nothing to them due to their hatred for Giselle. Especially the duke, Rudien Alpheus Cherliann, who was expected to help the child of his closest friend if even a little. Not only did he care little for the Prince, he didn even care about his own children. After the death of his wife, Sarah, both Irene and her elder brother, Rayvis, became children without guidance.

Rayvis turned into a bitter child who followed in his fathers footsteps – becoming a merciless war machine who supported prince Daniel. And Irene had grown spoiled rotten from all the money her father would give her, to keep her satisfied and off his back.

(These events are really far from now.) Irene thought to herself. (My kind mother… Maybe if I can prevent her death somehow, I can avoid all of those things from happening?)

(That way, when Mikael arrives, he won grow up to be a ruthless villain. This time he will be treated right, and Ill be able to live a peaceful life with no death flags.)

Although it seemed far-fetched, Hanna had a feeling this was going to be the only thing she could do as of right now. This was her story, planned out from her own brain, so managing herself here wouldn be that hard, right?

Several days had passed by, and her life was rather busy for an infant. She was watched over by numerous maids, taken to see her mother who would feed her and spend time with her as usual, as well as putting her to sleep.

Irenes mother was a kind and beautiful woman, although she was largely ignored by her husband. He had little to no time for her and didn even bother to come visit while she was still recovering. It confused her as to how such a lovely woman could marry such a cruel man.

(This Duchess… she is to die when Irene turns three years old…) Irene thought to herself, as she laid beside the woman who looked only a few years older than her previous self. (If I recall, it was suicide… Would I be able to prevent her from ending her life this time?)

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