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Chapter 5: Newborn

Irene wondered about how to protect her mother without end. From the day she was born the woman had been yearning to see her daughter all the time, and would gaze at her lovingly with the eyes of a true mother. In her previous life, Hanna was orphaned from an early age. It made her want to save this woman even more.

(It would be nice to experience a life with parents.)

A while later, Irene was left to take a nap alone in her nursery. The silence was comforting, compared to the hustle of the maids and constant rush to complete their tasks. Nothing but the subdued, mellifluous chime of the music box could be heard. This relaxing ambience was one she never thought she would experience.

Irene could feel the exhaustion in her tiny newborn body, and decided to sleep. It was the only thing she felt like she could do these days, since babies had rather mundane lives without control of their limbs and too little energy.

Just as she closed her eyes, the faint sound of the door clicking open suddenly resounded from the room, capturing her attention. (Who could that be? Im sure all the maids will be leaving me alone for a while…)

The sound of the door pressed gently shut, and a few light footsteps seemed to approach her little bed. However, due to the walls of her cot, Irene couldn see the person that was coming nearer.

”Blahh! ” She called out, in attempt to say ”whos there? ” But there was no response.

At least, until with a small clamour and rustle, a little boy suddenly peeped his head over the wall of the cot. With soft, straight strands of silver hair akin to silken threads – and wide, inquisitive blue eyes which shimmered like the morning sky.

(Could this be…) Irenes eyes widened as the little boy examined her keenly. He watched her with a straight face of curiosity, as she stared back in awe. (Thats Rayvis!)

Rayvis Arvel Cherliann. Irenes elder brother by four years. He was a character in the story who greatly resembled his father in terms of how dangerously strong he would grow up to become. But right now, the boy was a tiny child no older than five.

(Hes so cute!) Irene couldn help but smile at him, which elicited a slight look of surprise from the young boy. She could tell that he was curious about his new little sister, who he was only meeting for the first time today.

Irene giggled and babbled in attempt to talk to him, but of course, he didn understand a thing. The young boy smiled back, reaching an arm out toward her. And Irene soon wrapped her entire hand around his little finger, as he tried to poke her cheek.

e so tiny, ” he whispered to her. ”Are you really my sister? ”

”Bah! ” Irene exclaimed, which caused him to giggle softly.

e so short. Are you a troll? Or a dwarf? ” He laughed.

(Did he just call me a dwarf??)

(This kid!)

”Mother read me a book about dwarfs, she said that they mined the jewels she wears on her neck! ” He started to ramble. ”When you grow up, you better mine a big diamond, okay? Ah – by the way, you can have Mother. I had her first and Im not sharing! ”

Irene blinked, finding his haughty attitude absolutely adorable – but she wasn going to accept his condition. With a large huff she attempted to bite the boys finger with her gums to reprimand him, but he only laughed further. ”Im not food, you know, ” he smiled. ”You can eat your big brother. ”

Seeing such a cute child laughing like this made Irenes day. She remembered writing somewhere that Rayvis used to be an energetic, lively child because of the love he received from his mother alone. It was only after her death, he had lost that part of himself, turning into a man who lacked feelings and grew up in the stone-cold walls of House Cherliann, with a father who saw him only as a successor.

Meanwhile, the original Irene never remembered her mother. She was far too young to understand what had happened, but grew up without the love of her brother or father. Perhaps it was understandable why she ended up the way she did – a woman who became obsessed and hungry for Daniels affection. Even though she wrote the story herself, Irene could only guess that if Sarah had lived, there would have been a vast difference in how the characters turned out.

”Alright, Im going to go now before I get caught, ” Rayvis whispered to her. ”Don grow up too fast, Dwarf! ”

He soon pulled his little hand away, and Irene smiled to herself as she listened to the sound of him leaving. Her brother wasn someone who was that much of a villain compared to the other characters, but he did dislike Mikael in the story. Daniel was the one he chose to serve, after all.

She could only hope that, her brother wouldn grow up to become a cold-hearted knight like Rudien this time around. As long as she could save her mother from falling into despair, it would guarantee his healthy upbringing.

(Now that I think about it, why did Sarah kill herself in the story? I can seem to remember…) Irene sighed to herself, closing her eyes. (No… Now that I think about it, I never actually decided on that.)

As she continued to contemplate everything, a few more unanswered questions began to flow through her mind. If it was an area of the story she hadn written about in much detail, what would fill in the blank? As the author of this world, did she have any power here?

Would she simply have to live as a regular human in a world of her own imagination?

In a way, this wasn a bad lifestyle. She was the daughter of a duke. So long as she didn get herself into any trouble, Irene was sure she could live peacefully here. All that she needed to focus on now, was growing up and learning as quickly as she could about the world. That, and finding the root of Sarah, her mothers reasons for ending her own life and preventing them. For a baby, it was going to be a tall order – but Irene was sure that even the smallest changes would have a big affect.

After all, the utterfly theory didn exist for nothing.

It was almost sardonic, how things turned out like this. Hanna couldn help but wonder how she ended up in this bizarre situation. While she was writing her story, she thought little of the antagonists pains. They were all simply explanations for the behaviour her characters showed.

But now, they were real events waiting to happen to the characters she previously brought pain to. Whether it was for her own survival, or out of guilt for putting the characters through pain in the first place, Irene knew she had to stray from her original plot.

(I can let the Cherlianns be antagonists. And I can allow Rayvis to lose his happiness, or Prince Mikael to turn evil.)

And in order to ensure that, Irene would have to prevent any misfortunes from happening to her mother before she turned three. For now, this was her first mission. And that sure did sound impossible; after all, there wasn much she could do in this tiny, difficult vessel. She couldn even hold in her bowel movements.

(But! I still have hope.) Irene remembered that in a lot of the stories she read as Hanna, a lot of the reincarnated protagonists could develop quicker as babies because they had their previous memories intact. As long as she could get a hold of her body over time and kept practising, Irene was sure she would be able to grow fast.

And so, over the course of the next few weeks, Irene continuously tried to practise her talking and movement, although it was still difficult even after she had finally turned 3 months old. Of course, she didn expect for her body to be able to handle it considering she was still very much under-developed. But Irene could tell that progressively, there were tiny improvements in her attempts.

In all of that time, she hadn seen her father even once. He was a man who must have been swarmed with work right now – after all, Laydel was in a mess after the emperors death prior to her birth. Rudien was never really a family man, even in the original novel. Even so, Irene enjoyed her days without him.

Her mother came by everyday to spend hours with her, and although he felt rather jealous at first, Rayvis too – had let go of his envy toward his sister and started coming by to see Irene more often. It had gotten to the point where he would even ask to sleep over in her room at night, because he felt she would feel scared being alone.

Soon enough, four months had passed by. Irene had grown accustomed to her daily life as a baby, spending most of her time with her maids, mother and cute brother. Sarah recovered her strength after giving birth, she was able to host a tea party in order to introduce Irene, the second child of House Cherliann.

”Shes so precious! Such an adorable child! ” One of the noblewomen cooed, as she gazed at the baby in Sarahs arms. There were quite a few important-looking people here, so Irene decided it would be a good idea to show them a side they would adore. She laughed and babbled in attempt to talk to them, and instantly all of the women had fallen for her.

Meanwhile, Rayvis had climbed onto a chair seated beside his mothers after returning from his sword practise lessons. Irene found it odd that he was only four and started taking such classes, but then again he was the son of the most powerful warrior in the empire. Rudien Cherliann wasn nicknamed The Silver Angel of Death for nothing.

”Rene! Look here, ” Rayvis giggled, his soft silver bangs falling to the side as he tilted his head and produced a small handheld mirror, after styling Irenes short white hair with little flowers. ”You look prettier now! Didn your big brother do a good job? ”

Irene blinked at her reflection, noticing that he had placed various plants on her head. They were still rather big for her little head, but that wasn what the most noticeable thing was.

Irene was amazed by how adorable she was. The baby in the mirror was akin to a cherubic angel. Soft little tufts of silvery-white hair, a mix of her mothers and fathers. Pale white skin, with chubby little smooth cheeks flushed slightly in red. A tiny button nose and small red lips. Long lashes, and big, golden eyes like honey under the sunlight.

(Wait… Golden eyes…?)

Irene blinked – suddenly startled.

(My eyes are gold?!)

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