marriage challenges

Theodas got to rich wood, they ride up the trail, he ride up to the castle, Aubron and Theodora walked out of the castle, he got off his horse, ” my war king and war queen i come to as for your war blessing to ask your daughter enter a war marriage challenge with me. Asked, Theodas. ” what is your name son of Scotch wood? Asked. Aubron, ” i am the war king Theodas Roran. Answer Theodas, ” he Haflar and Nambra son, said. Theodora, ” you got our blessing go find her son, she is on a four-day rally, said. Aubron, he got back on his horse, and they left, ” Haldir go out, find her and the rally point, said. Theodas, they galloped up the valley, Rich wood is almost to the point, ” Darshee head out we must be close to the fields, ” we must be my war queen, come on, they galloped down the lands of eleven, every king is out looking for their war queen to married, Seldanna hold her hand up tell them to halt, as they reach the lands as she was about to bring up the rally gates, the war king Theodas Scouts ride up to her, ” are you the war queen of Rich wood? asked, Haldir, ” who want to know, Theodas ride up to them. ” me this is my rally point, and are you Seldanna? she take off her helmet and looked at him, ” war one P#st off i am here first, and yes, that is war queen to you war king, she told him. ” i am Theodas i just came to ask your parents for their blessing to enter in a marriage challenge with you, i want both. said, Theodas. ” they give it i war tone, all the war queens out here you pick me, what the war words i looking for? ” war shook my war queen, said. Rania, ” war shook maybe, not shook that a my parents think he is the one, said. Seldanna, ” he said he want both, to get this spot he have to pry it from us Scotch wood, we were here first, war drunk my war queen? said, Keenor, ” i offering my hand my war queen will you enter in a marriage challenge with me, and accepted my hand in marriage? begged. Theodas, ” you are cute when you begged, she got off her horse and hand Keenor her helmet and horse, they are entering a marriage, this is how they get the females that meant for them, there is not just for marriage but for the spot, as their armies standing ready, as they match for match, cat and bull, suddenly he knocks her sword out her hand, Seldanna hits the ground, as her sword land on the ground, his cheered out, ” my war queen!! they pulled out their weapons and getting ready to charge, ” call them off, will you marry me Seldanna Dayra, asked. Theodas, ”you going to take my life take, he helps her off the ground. ” no, i rather have you as my wife, said. Theodas, ” yes, i will married you maybe by our marriage our knights will do the same. said, Seldanna. ” we get together every mid-Autumn, sounds good in the name of war, said. Theodas, war kingdoms is getting married, protection kingdoms is getting married, and some of peace kingdoms are getting married, he only one that wasn married was Grant wood peace king Theodore Lovdove and Rich wood peace queen Sillavana, after their war wedding their parents married them, they spent their first night alone , as will their war chieftains and knights married each other as well, Theodas strokes her hair, as she looked at him, ” war you my love, four day slumber, war is good, they kissed each other, as nightfalls in the skies, more human males is coming into the land of eleven, all of the war kingdoms is slumbering for four days, as the married couples are making mad eleven love to each other, on the fourth day the new war queens is heading back home, Theodas walked her out thegates, as they say bye to their new wives, ” i miss you already my love, said. Theodas, ” until mid-Autumn my husband, they kissed each other, Seldanna got up on her horse and put her human on, as they watch them ride off, they walked back inside of the castle, Seldannasince something, she turn around heading west, joining with Symina, Dasyra, and Amerca, they ride up to were Keya and Aimon is in a force war marriage challenge, an old friend of Theodas, he beat her and ask her to married him, she refused his offer, as they got off their horse to walked down to her, he walked up behind her stab her, ” KEYA! all four called out , they rand down to her, Seldanna picks her up, ” don don let my knights fall, our y retired perish, begged. Keya, ” no my friend i will take your archers under me, long with your chieftain, said. Seldanna, Symina took her Calvary, Dasyra took her infantry, and Amerca took her blitzers, they pick her up and took her home to her parents, they tell them happen up, and the have a war funeral to tell their beloved daughter good, ” she speaks war highly of you four, she said she met the four elite like her, only we can go the distance, said. Alessa, ” we get her revenge for one day my supreme war queen, and i take you and your husband and retired to Tong wood with me, said. Symina, ” she was a very good friend to have, we miss her like crazy. said, Dasyra, they hugged her and Dasyra, Amerca, and Seldanna head back to their homes, after they pack up the people Symina took her parents and her, the retired head home, Seldanna ride down the trail, Sillavana saw her, ” what a peaceful day for a rie don you say, she didn pay her no mind, her peace of mind walked up to her,

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