the early morning

After an night of Slumber the war kingdom of Rich wood is up, and at the tabl having a meal, and feeling their infants, after they eat it was time for another rallying, they enter the globe room to take to their husbands, ” (there my little did you slumber good Sana, she giggle and wiggle, ” yes, pappy , where you heading to, asked. Seldanna, ” don know yet, Scotch wood need sons, said. Theodas, ” are you asking me fora son my husband? asked , Seldanna, ” i am asking you to carrying my seed agian my wife, would you love to have a little brother ? ” next mid- Autumn we will talk about and have it, Theodas, said, Seldanna, ” i look forward until we see each other agian, i love you my wife and daughter, said. Theodas, ” we love you to my husband, they went off of the globe and walked inside of the war room, ” whats my next rally, asked. Seldanna, in the kingdom of peace, ” when we going over to meet our new nieghbor? asked, Sillavana, ” we are met war supreme queen Theodora and war supreme king Aubron, you need go to meet with your heads of peace and plan the next peace celebration, said. Pywaln, ” you have you meet her? asked, Sillavana, ” no, you odvantagely will i got a unpeaceful feeling you going to ask her to aid you this peace of , said. Nabeora in the war war room, ” no rally but a rally training to boost up your war skills and army, said, Ceada, ”happy war training my daughter and granddaughter, said, Theodora, ” we see you when you return, said. Aubron, they kissed their new granddaughter bye, they got on their horses and head out for a five day rally training to the war grounds, they closed the gates behind them, as they galloped down the trail and down the valley, inside of the peace room they discussing the next celebration of peace, some peace kingdoms has guards and a small band of knights, but not as massive as war and protection, as protection and war is out in training, the lands of eleven is empty, which gives the wild dogs a opperuntily to attack to get food, they attack the villages of people, they were running and screening, a male king Gunderic Wartooth was out checking out the lands of eleven when he hear the comotion, ” ride east knights of Asguard, weapons, they pulled out their swords and bows and head to the kingdom of peace, they attack the wild dogs slaying them as they riding up, ” everyone hurry get in here come on, said. Pywaln, teveryone ran inside of the castle he lock the doors, as the males attack the dogs, protection was near by to, ” Rich wood is trouble protection aid now, they pull out their blades they galloped down the hills and start to attack them them, Sillavana walked up, ” what are those thing, they turn their tails and flee into the woods, they walked out of the castle, Gunderic take his helmet off, ” is everyone okay? he asked them, ” thank you both for coming, yes everyone made it inside, said. Pywaln, ” what was those? asked, Sillavana, ” my fair queen they are new to this land wild dogs, they have feed on anything elves, males and other animals, i am protection king Grathgor Daeqen of Bird wood, said, Grathgor, ” i am the male king of Asguard Gunderic Wartooth, i five miles away if you need aid just call, said. Gunderic, ”we protection protect those without guards and an army, send word to Bird wood we will aid you, said. Grathgor they regroup and ride off in different direction, ” you do best to call of them not war, leave war alone, you not be ware if you going to need her get her bond, said. Nabeora, ” bond? ” their word is who they are, their word is their bond,you get do not be foolish and break it, once it broken war will rally at peace, heap our words and Sillavana be peace wise, do not go to war. said, Pywaln, after the attack everything is quiet now, Theodora open the windows, her cheiftians walked up to her, ” my supreme news has in war peace kingdom was attack by wild dogs, said. Alloralla Xyrxisys, ” how sorry for them, don tell me they want to meet? said. Theodora, ” they t the gate seeking to talk, said. Dilya Trahorn, ” to who i am not the war queen anymore, my daughter is, she is on a training rally, said, Theodora. ” Kali told them that , they haven moved yet, said. Geminara Waesric, ” for the cry of war, Aubron we got peace at our gates, she walked down the steps and up to the gates, ” huh war queen Theodora, ” that is supreme war queen my only beloved war spirit is the new war queen, ” she just left for a five day war training rally peace, i told you want to stop coming here that i have no interest in giving you my bond that you need to call to protection to aid your sorry tails, said. Aubron, ” we hear you loudly in peace war, our daughters path is going tocross, Sillavana is bright nor in peace wise, we warn her to stay away, she will not heap warning, said. Nabeora, ” find her husband, or better locked her up, Seldanna will never give bond to her, i will talk with her once she arrives, now you can go, said. Theodora, ” we not as different war we all elves, we all answered the eleven call in different ways, ” we not trying to hear that, give warning for firing, they turn and walked away, ” you are bless to have a son-in-law and new granddaughter, said. Pywaln, Aubron walked back up to the gates, ” you want what we have tell her tail to find a husband, and give you a grandchild, that is not on us it is on you for not seek her a peace king, be gone with you! they walked into the sitting room, they was a smack in the face, but true, they walked back to the castle, they start to seek unmarried peace kings for her,

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