fully skilled and gifted

After a five day rally training all new war kings and war queens is return home, they ride up the trail and inside of the castle, Seldanna Roran is full skilled war queen now with the archery arrow attack called arrow wheel and the Calvary, infantry counter attack call double tap, the war scouts attack scout of war, and the blitz attack call blitz strike, the war wings flank attack call wings of pray, the war lancers attack lance strike, and the war horns sounds of pain, this force is in slumber until they are needed in battle, Seldanna armor is black and gold armor of a skilled war queen, ” my war queen it is so great to be home right Lura? said. Darshee, ” war is sure is, go rest with your daughters my knights, they got off theirhorses and walked in their rooms, her parents is on the banister, she walked up to them, ” welcome home my war queen, said. Theodora, ” thanks war why we i sensing you got a mind problem? asked, Seldanna. they sat her down anfd begin to talk with her, and Scotch wood Theodas and his knights ride inside the castle, with the newly archery skill called flaming arrow, the infantry, and calvary skill flame attack, blitzer counter attack call roaring blitz, war hammer call hammer strikes and the war staffs counter attack staff of war, ” lets get some slumber, before we know it mid-Autumn will be here and our wives and daughter will be back home, they went to slumber accept for the war king Theodas he hates slumbering alone, ” son go slumber before you know they will be back, said. his father, ” i can just the thought of laying there without her, said. Theodas, ” would it help if you talk war with her before, said. his mother, ” it wouldn be fair to them that they can talk to theirs if i talk to mines, i wish Mid-Autumn would hurry up and get here, said. Theodas, they took him into the calling room and called Rich wood, ” (did our sons made it home safe,) asked. Aubron, ” ( yes they all here missing their wives and daughters, how our daughters made it back, Aubron?) answered, Halflar, ” (yes they missing their husbands to, ) said, Aubron. ” ( the proud husband and father will not slumber so how we ging to get him to.) said, Nambra, ” not without her,cried, Theodas. ” ( i get them see his baby and wife make him feel better, son-in-law Mid-Autumn is almost her she be heading your way, maybe we get a grandson, ) said. Theodora, ” a grandson be nice, said, Nambra, Theodora went to get Seldanna, ” a son, thought Theodas, they walked up to the screen, Sana wiggling at the sight to see her father, ” (war bug did you have fun on the rally training?) she chatting up a storm, they laugh, ” (what in the war you not slumbering my husband, go slumber.)-( ” you blasted female i can i hate slumbering without you in my bed,) said. Theodas. Seldanna cocked her eyebrow, ” ( you blasted male since went you don like slumbering,what you did before me,) they laughed, ” (slumbering, you send me flying you know that,) said. Theodas, ” ( don you know by time you wake up we be there, go slumber.) he signed, ” (could you come earlier?)-( ” we agree in mid-Autumn love,) said, Seldanna. they can see there war love, how they mind them of themselves, ” (try for us, ) Doha, called, Sana, she speak her first word *Doha* that melt his heart his baby girl just called him Doha, a tear came down his face, ” ( my little war spirit, you are your mother image see you both in mid-Autumn, i love you my wife, can wait to hold you in my arms,) said. Theodas, ” (we love you to my love, happy slumber,) He walked and still hearing his baby call him Doha, he walked in the rom and lay on his bed, ” (we talking already Sana,) asked. Sana, ” (oh yeah twice she try to sir my horse,) said. Seldanna, ”she going to be walking before we know it, little one slow down, said. Theodora, ” ( huh, she getting out of the way she knows mom is going to give her a little brother,) said. Halflar ” is that what it, said. Seldanna, they say their goodbyes and went off the screen, as all off war is slumbering, the seasons is changing, Spring came and went, now it is mid-Autumn, the sun is sitting in the sky, as Rich wood slowly wakes from slumber, the wars and their knights are heading to their husbands kingdoms, this Autumn , after they got done eating all left Rich wood to head to Scotch wood, Mont wood, Bird Wood and Plum wood, they made to the castles, their husbands is so happy to see them. Theodas ran up, they help them off their horses, they kissed each other, she gives him their daughter, ” come here you, we glad you made it here safety, said, Theodas. ” me to, i since you want a son, said. Seldanna, ” will you carry my seed again my love?asked, Theodas, they walked down into their rooms, ”i was told that what she was getting out of the way for, so lets get started on our son, they walked in the room. He closed the door behind them, all families are finally together this Mid-Autumn, all the war kingdoms, as nightfall came they at the table feasting and having a marry o war time, out on the lands a new thread arrives tribe elves which called Dockas, out looking for food along with wild dogs, the war fathers is feeding their daughters, Theodas and Seldanna stand up with their Godlets in their hands, the room falls silences, ” war is good, our wives and daughters are back home, we give Rich wood and Scotch wood daughters, said. Theodas, ” now its time to give Scotch wood sons, said. Seldanna, they toast to that, and sat back down to eat.

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